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January 21 - February 3, 2023

Join us on an enchanting discovery of India, one of the oldest and most diverse civilizations in the world. Led by our own Venkataramanan “Ragu” Balakrishna, Dean of the Case School of Engineering, visit awe-inspiring monuments, explore bustling cities, and get lost in local towns and markets. Immerse yourself in the markets and historic monuments Jaipur and marvel at two of India’s most famous architectural jewels, the Agra Fort and the Taj Mahal. In the temple towns of Kanchipuram and Mamallapuram you will see 8th century temples and visit weavers and print makers who continue to produce exquisite sarees and other textiles; Puducherry will showcase the French influence still very present. And in the southern city of Kochi experience the melting pot of European, Chinese and Persian influences. Wander through the narrow roads and spice shops, try your hand at fishing using the age-old Chinese fishing techniques or buy fresh seafood that will be cooked to your taste almost immediately.

Trip Highlights:

  • A warm welcome by 1.3 billion hosts. Enjoy their warm hospitality and ready smiles.
  • Bask in a monument to everlasting love with a visit to the Taj Mahal- a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Experience a slice of Delhi, the former seat of the British Raj in India and current capital of India.
  • Wander around centuries old temple complexes depicting the Mahabharat mythology.
  • Immerse yourself in the confluence of European, Persian and Chinese culture and religion in Kochi.

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