Let’s Make Hospitality More Equitable

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Have you ever traveled abroad and wondered how can I ensure I'm truly supporting the community I'm visiting 

Think back on the last trip you went on. Where did you stay? Where did you eat? Were these establishments owned and operated by locals?


Since our inception as bespoke trip planners, we've made an effort to get to make sure that our partners (lodges, camps, hotels) are invested thoroughly in the local community using best hiring practices and respect for the land and wild life for a sustainable future. Increasingly, we are seeing communities having a legal ownership stake in camps and lodges not only improving their livelihoods, but bringing with them ancient practices of sustainable conservation and environmentally sensitivity that have been passed down over many generations.


When you pack your bags for your next adventure, let us help you ensure that every aspect of your travel is also invested in these communities. By doing that, you will have a far greater impact. By staying at locally owned lodges, and spending time with guides who grew up in the area, you're not only having a more authentic experience - you're making hospitality more equitable.


Kenya and Namibia have experienced a particular boom in community led conservation, as a means of protecting their land while creating job opportunities, developing a pipeline of new skill sets and careers and most importantly have "skin in the game."


We've compiled a list of our favorite community owned lodges and sanctuaries there. Click on the properties below to get a peek at what's on offer. 

Grootberg Lodge (Namibia)

Damaraland Camp (Namibia)

Sarara Treehouses (Kenya)

Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (Kenya)

Il Ngwesi Lodge (Kenya)

Interested in learning more? Please contact us at (917) 686-2620 or info@immersionjourneys.com.


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