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We thought this would be a good time as any to start setting up for the day where we can welcome you back. The Immersion Journeys team has spent a lot of time these last few week discussing health and sanitization protocols with our ground (guides, hotels, lodges, transporters.)

We are always here to help and ensure your comfort and safety and we look forward to helping you plan your next adventure with us. In the meantime, visit our website to check out of 2020/2021 programs or contact us to discuss a customized private experience.

Upon exiting the airport*, you will be welcomed by our staff and your temperature will be taken and recorded.  Don't feel offended if they don't shake your hand. It's for your (and their) safety. *Airport immigration staff will also conduct health checks on arrival as mandated by the host country health laws.
Airport transfer vehicles would have been full sanitized between each airport run.

Hotels and lodges will check your temperature on arrival. Depending on the total number of days you are staying with them, they may ask to check your temperature multiple times especially after each day tour if you are staying in a city hotel.
Check-in will be touch less as much as possible. All your passport particulars will be collected and fed in to the hotel reservation system prior to your arrival to minimize contact.
Hotels and lodges have begun to implement social distancing rules in their restaurants, bars and other common areas.

Hotel and lodge rooms are thoroughly sanitized between guest arrival and departure. Additional sanitization will take place if needed or should a guest request it.

Guests will be asked to wear a mask in the common areas (example: lobby, gift shop, pool, reading room.)

A full briefing will be conducted prior to the activity giving you a sense of what is to come so you are prepared for it. For city tours, we will avoid very crowded spaces. 
You will see safari and city guides wearing masks and gloves at all times.
Safari vehicles and other city tour vehicles will be sanitized between activities. They will all have hand sanitizers for your use.
Bush sundowners, bush breakfasts and dinners will follow social distancing rules.

Unless you have booked a private safari/ tour with us, all shared vehicles will follow social distancing rules. Some lodges and camps have already started to shift to just 4 guests per safari vehicle (instead of the standard 6) while in cities, we are reducing the number of guests per vehicle to allow for more space between guests. However if you have booked as a group (friends and family), exceptions will be made. No one will be allowed to sit in the passenger seat next to the safari guide/ driver. While wearing a mask is not required at all times, it's always respectful to others if you did wear it.

We are not ready to start local community visits and working on ways to ensure guest safety.

Staff's health will be constantly monitored. Remember, they are the ones most exposed since they interact with so many guests throughout the day. Staff are required to wear masks and gloves in the presence of guests. Yes, it's weird not to see their smiling faces which is such a big part of the experience.

All in-country flights (private safari charters, scheduled safari puddle jumpers and scheduled commercial flights) will go through their own cleaning and sanitization process as well as monitoring staff. You will see touch-less check-in and luggage handling protocols.

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