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The Best of Botswana

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The Best of Botswana

South Africa • Zimbabwe • Botswana • Namibia
June 25- July 5, 2024

Hosts: CWRU President Eric Kaler & Ms. Karen Kaler

Optional pre-trip to Victoria Falls and post-trip extension to Namibia

Join CWRU President Eric Kaler and Karen Kaler on an epic adventure to Southern Africa. Why Botswana? See the Okavango Delta- a pristine water landscape, where the rainwater from the Angolan Highlands travels over 1,200 kilometers through a meandering and complex series of rivers, tributaries and underground aquifers to fill up a massive delta that is home to thousands of bird species and land animals. Visit Chobe National Park that has bragging rights to some of the largest herds of elephants. In the Central Kalahari region are some of Africa’s oldest tribes- the San bushmen. These hunter gatherers still practice their traditions and today, they are amazing wildlife guides. You will spend a few days with them and learn about the desert ecosystem and their knowledge that has been passed down from their forefathers.

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