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Everyone should acknowledge that travel is roaring back. It’s a bit frightening to see how many people want to get on planes, trains and automobiles and they want to go NOW! That is the good news.

The better news is that in these past few years, people have reflected on how they wish to travel; to dive deeper, to slow things down and soak in what is the here and now. Specifically, prior to lockdowns, the thirst for adventure by solo travelers was already on an exponential rise. Today, they are back with even more gusto now that borders have reopened.

We see a few reasons on the rise of solo vacations:

Technology at their fingertips that give them every conceivable option from restaurant recommendations to hotels to experiences. This allows them to plan things their way but also opens a window to a world of possibilities.

Destination choices are plentiful that are easy to navigate on your own. Increasingly, we are seeing solo guests get to a destination and make instant friends who also choose to travel alone using social apps such as Meet Up and other solo travel apps. Again, with technology at their fingertips they feel very, very comfortable, not only with exploring solo travel destinations but also with meeting people and sharing a glass of wine or a meal.

Disposable income. Life is short! This is especially true among female solo travelers. Besides, traveling alone as a woman is said to be one of the most empowering and transformative experiences. People who are professionals and have an itch to travel are not going to wait around for others to join and would rather just get going sooner.

Security in numbers. Travel is transformational and even more so when one goes with like-minded nomads. Social clubs (book clubs, supper clubs, wine clubs, golf groups, etc.) often call us to plan trips for their members and form travel groups for singles.

Below are some of our most popular destinations for solo travelers:

South Africa- Solo Travel - Immersion Journeys


No doubt, South Africa offers something for everyone: wine, gastronomy, safari, art, music, and active adventure depending on one’s budget. Take a multi-day guided cycling tour from Cape Town to the Cape of Good Hope and up to the wine lands, go hiking on Table Mountain, wander Johannesburg’s art district and wallow in luxury on a safari.

Contact us to plan your trip.

Tanzania & Kenya- Solo Travel - Immersion Journeys


The home of the classic safari and beaches, if you are traveling alone, you can easily join one of our scheduled safaris by reserving your spot. You will travel with a maximum of 5 other guests and a professional naturalist-guide, stay at luxury safari lodges and experience some of Africa’s most pristine wilderness areas and the Great Migration! Take a peek at our Kenya and Tanzania programs and call us.



It is very easy to travel in Botswana as a solo traveler. All you need is a reservation at a nice safari lodge where all the safari activities are included. Meals and safari activities are normally communal so you are not alone all the time. Botswana’s cutting-edge conservation efforts has borne fruit and the destination has bragging rights in offering land safaris, desert safaris in the Kalahari and water-based safaris in the Okavango Delta.

India- Solo Travel - Immersion Journeys


One would think that India’s sheer population size would be a deterrence when planning a trip for singles. Quite the contrary. Of course, common sense and street smarts go a very long way and working with a good travel planner to discuss solo vacation packages will ensure your safety, help you pick the best hotels and a team that will keep things humming along. This technologically advanced nation with history that goes back thousands of years has an expanded road, rail and plane network making it easy to move around. English is widely spoken and local restaurants compete in show-casing their award-winning chefs, sommeliers and mixologists giving the traveler an eclectic experience of how the ancient and modern blend.

Check out some trip ideas on our website.

South Africa- Solo Travel - Immersion Journeys
Elephants in the Lobby- Immersion Journeys
Straw Colored Fruit Bats- Immersion Journeys
India- Solo Travel - Immersion Journeys

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