Let the children plan your next family vacation

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In an earlier blog, we wrote about family safaris. This time,  we thought it would be interesting to actually ask children how they would plan their dream holiday (and make sure the parents foot the bill, of course). Aayushi Gupta, a fourth-grader in New York City described what she wanted to see and do if she planned a holiday for her younger sister and her parents (this article has been written by Aayushi with a bit of light editing):

Ok, here I am, planning a dream vacation. For me, a dream vacation has five main interests; exploring the cultures, festivals and events, visiting natural and historic landmarks, hitting up on the most popular places and sights, tasting the rich food cultures, and last but not least, the wildlife. I think that those five things, make up the best vacation.

First; exploring the cultures, festivals and events. For me, well, I just love how every country, has a unique history/culture. I also love how every country celebrates their culture in a special way. When I plan a vacation, I think, what would my family learn about the destination, how could they have fun with the culture, and what will they take from it.

Second; visiting natural and historic landmarks. When I visit a place, I love visiting natural and historic landmarks. For example, when my family and I went to Colorado, we went on hikes, visited lakes and parks, and visited the oldest neighborhood in the county. The main part (that I think) about visiting landmarks, is, you should have a mix—one day visit an old village, the next day, take a hike.

Third: hitting up on the most popular places and sights. My family and I love going to popular places in different countries, we also love sightseeing. Examples of types of places are: restaurants, buildings, markets, beaches, museums, and national parks. Sightseeing is a really important part of my trip. You really want to be able to learn about the destination, from the past and the present.

Fourth: tasting the rich food cultures. I love, love, love… FOOD!  I especially love every tiny detailed flavor in each dish. I know that my family loves trying new dishes. So, to every vacation destination we go to, we try new flavors. Every place in the world, has history, in their food. At home, we mostly eat the typical cultural Indian food; chicken curry, roti (Indian flatbread), bhindi (okra), kebabs, etc.

Fifth: wildlife. I love animals. I have been to many places, so, I know that every destination has a different ecosystem. Every destination also has very different animal and plant life. I also love exploring wildlife. On vacations my family and I go to many parks and natural places, we also learn about the different species that live in the destination.

Now I have shared/listed my ideas of how to enjoy YOUR dream vacay. Since you may not like everything I’m into, you are welcome to add your own twists to my list. Now all you have to do is book your flight, follow my steps (with your own twist), sit back, and relax!

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